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Vertical Growing System For Small Spaces

Build your own rugged, modular vertical growing system for small spaces and enjoy  Botanical Bounty! Check out our garden!

Enjoy Botanical Bounty on a Budget

The Balcony Budeze™ Vertical Growing System

BALCONY BUDEZE™ is a rugged (lasts many years), economical, modular, vertical growing system that you can easily build from readily available parts. You can learn how to build this system by purchasing the easy to follow illustrated instructions available on our Amazon Kindle e-books or in our bookstore (click on the SHOP tab on the menu) for a downloaded .pdf file or a hard copy from our bookstore on this site. 

Grow veggies, flowers or both on your balcony, deck, yard,  greenhouse or other small spaces in all climates or growing zones. 

Learn about the many different configurations designed to fit your space using our interchangeable components.

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Click below to see how attractive yet rugged your Balcony Budeze™ display can look in your small space.


Balcony Budeze™ Amazon Kindle E-Book


BALCONY BUDEZE™ shows you HOW TO BUILD OUR VERTICAL GROWING SYSTEM from "off the shelf" components. 

Bountiful Harvests With Your Balcony Budeze™ Amazon Kindle E-Book

BOUNTIFUL HARVESTS using your Balcony Budeze™, shows you how to optimize your crops in our sturdy vertical growing system in any climate. 

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Vertical Viewpoint

Read our blog that provides seasonal advice on propagating, growing, harvesting, storing and cooking the beautiful crops you grow in your Balcony Budeze™.  Share your experiences with us and ask questions that may come up as you learn the joys of growing your own healthy, beautiful crops. 


Mountain High Gardening Club's annual veggie garden tour will take place in Pagosa Springs on Saturday, Aug. 25, 2018 Centennial Park , on the riverwalk near the Geothermal Partnership Grow Domes and the Community Garden.

Three presentations will discuss greenhouse growing (includes a tour of the Geothermal Partnership Domes), growing in raised beds and maximizing crop yields for small spaces with a vertical growing system. Join us at 10:00 a.m.  Light refreshments will be served.

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