About Us: Why we Garden Vertically

Our Approach

We always seek to make our vertical garden a beautiful and welcoming space, no matter how much room is available to us in which to grow our veggies and companion flowers. This rugged, economical and easy to build system is also a way to maximize healthy eating in an inhospitable environment. We help the gardener create a favorable microclimate that yields more crop than growing on the same square footage in the ground. Just think, no weeding or stooping over a plant in the ground, and less water required to grow a lush bounty of delicious veggies and beautiful flowers!


Our Story

Balcony Budeze™ has been in development in our personal garden for more than 25 years. We have lived in different climates and altitudes from sunny Southern California to the Rocky Mountains. Now, we are sharing the information on how to build this rugged vertical growing system in our Amazon Kindle e-books and our later publications available as online books to download or buy a hardcopy from our Balcony Budeze™ online store.

Over time we have shared what we have learned by sharing our ideas and gardening experiences with readers on our VERTICAL VIEWPOINT BLOG, and have enlarged our scope from growing from seed to harvest to food storage and cooking the wonderful fruits of our summer growing seasons.

Our latest adventure led us to stock some delightful kitchen gadgets and tools in the online store that make growing and cooking fun.