Winter is over. Time to get growing cylinders ready to grow.
Balcony Budeze™ Foreman: Pudgy
Balcony Budeze™ Foreman: Pudgy

Our Approach

We have always sought to make our vertical garden a beautiful and welcoming space, no matter how much room we have in which to grow our veggies and companion flowers. This rugged, economical and easy to build system is also a way to maximize healthy eating in inhospitable climates or cramped urban spaces. We help the gardener create a favorable microclimate that yields more crop than growing on the same square footage in the ground. Just think, no weeding, no stooping over a plant in the ground, and less water required to grow a lush bounty of delicious veggies and beautiful flowers!

Our Story

Balcony Budeze™ has been in development as our personal gardening system for more than 25 years. We have lived in different climates and altitudes from sunny Southern California to the Rocky Mountains. Now, we are sharing the information on how to build the system on our Amazon Kindle e-books or our later publications available in our Balcony Budeze™ online store (Click on the SHOP tab above).

Over time we have shared what we have learned by publishing other books on growing tips for different growing zones. We now share our ideas and experiences with readers on our VERTICAL VIEWPOINT BLOG and have enlarged our scope from seed to harvest, storage, and cooking the wonderful fruits of our summer growing seasons.

Our latest adventure has led us to share some delightful gadgets and tools that make growing and cooking fun. See our online store to purchase these unusual products that we have tried and enjoy using.

Meet the Team

The Balcony Budeze™ Staff lives and works in the Colorado Rockies at 7,500 ft. altitude. In spring and summer we grow, in fall and winter we enjoy our crops by storing and cooking them as we wait for the growing season to begin anew.


John Haviland

Founder & Designer

John is a lifelong gardener, inventor and creative PR guy who designed the Balcony Budeze™ Vertical Gardening System on a small porch because he couldn't stand living in an apartment with no yard space.

Cecilia and Pudgy

Cecilia Haviland


Cecilia has spent most of her life commuting from major world cities to a rural home where the garden and her artwork as a painter has been a refuge and an inspiration for the PR, Advertising and Marketing firm she has run for over 30 years. Add fifteen years as an adjunct instructor in the art department of Palomar College in Southern California, and you have the recipe for Balcony Budeze™, the business.


Susan Haney

CFO & Chef Extraordinaire 

I was raised in western Pennsylvania in a family that enjoyed being in the kitchen cooking or canning.

My husband and I have lived in the Chicago area, Phoenix and Austin, before moving to southwestern Colorado, where we now reside. We have two grown sons and four grandchildren. We also have three "children" living with us, a German Shepherd and two cats.

The climate In Phoenix and Austin made growing a decent garden difficult. Too hot! Now,  I can grow my ingredients and cook those old family recipes with my own imaginative twists.

Next Steps...

Read this week's discussion about sowing, growing, harvesting, storing and cooking on our VERTICAL VIEWPOINT BLOG. Also, check out the BALCONY BUDEZE ONLINE STORE: gizmos, gadgets & bountiful reading.