Meet the Team

In Memoriam: John Haviland, Founder & Designer, 1938-2019

John was a lifelong gardener, inventor and creative PR guy who designed the Balcony Budeze™ Vertical Gardening System on a small porch in 1992, because he couldn't stand living in an apartment with no available yard space. Over the years his creativity and wisdom was a driving force in our efforts to share his vertical growing system. His contribution to sustainable food production fuels our mission to contribute to alleviating hardships brought about by climate change.


Cecilia Haviland, President

Cecilia spent most of her life commuting from major world cities to a rural home where the garden and her artwork as a painter provided refuge and inspiration for the PR, Advertising and Marketing firm she ran for over 30 years. She also served fifteen years as an adjunct professor in the art department of Palomar College in Southern California. She is a certified Master Gardener.


Susan Haney, Cooking Wizard

Susan contributes tasty and easy recipes to the VERTICAL VIEWPOINT BLOG and tests the tools and kitchen gadgets that are found on our online store.

Raised in Western Pennsylvania, she has lived with her husband and family in diverse locations from Chicago, Phoenix and Austin, before moving to Southwestern Colorado, where she now resides. Susan shares those regional cooking secrets she has learned with all of us on the blog.


Pudgy Haviland, Garden Supervisor

Pudgy is always on duty making sure that we carefully maintain our Balcony Budeze™ vertical garden.